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The retailing industry is a critical component of the economy since it delivers all these goods to the consumer. These include commodities that cannot be stored and are usually consumed when purchased. Purchases must go toward creating new consumer goods to be counted. The BEA only counts the new construction that adds to total commercial inventory. The BEA adds them to GDP in the year they were built.

That stands for: GDP = Consumption Investment Government X (net exports, or imports minus exports.) In 2016, the U. GDP was 69 percent personal consumption, 16 percent business investment, 18 percent government spending and negative 3 percent net exports. Almost 70 percent of what the United States produces is for consumer spending. The BEA sub-divides personal consumption expenditures into goods and services.If it continues long enough, then layoffs are next. It's less than the 19 percent it contributed in 2006.Therefore, the change in private inventories is an important leading indicator, even though it contributed less than 1 percent of GDP in 2016. In other words, the government was spending when the economy was booming before the recession.These are items that have a useful life of three years or more. America is fortunate to have a large domestic population within an easily accessible geographic location. businesses have become excellent at knowing what consumers want. That consists primarily of business equipment, such as software, capital goods and manufacturing equipment.The second is non-durable goods, such as fuel, food and clothing. Why does personal consumption make up such a large part of the U. It's almost like a huge test market for new products. Business investment includes purchases that companies make to produce consumer goods. If a purchase only replaces an existing item, then it doesn't add to GDP and isn't counted. The BEA bases this component on shipment data from the monthly durable goods order report. A small but important part of non-residential investment is commercial real estate construction.

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Definition: The four components of gross domestic product are personal consumption, business investment, government spending and net exports.

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