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They include a hentai artist, a necrophiliac, a compulsive masturbator (and his equally compulsive masturbating sister), a bored housewife trying to seduce her son, a group of scientists developing bizarre sex aids, several porn stars, and a couple of stage magicians.

-inspired art style, terrible writing, terrible characters, terrible characterization, unfunny dialogue, dialogue that fails at being dramatic, unentertaining storyline, the worst case of Lazy Artist Syndrome I have ever seen, and, if that weren't enough, the artist is depressingly sexually restrained and obnoxiously egotistical to boot. Not just suck in the same old sucking way either, Mega Tokyo promises to suck in new and exciting ways.

The second thing you'll notice is that all of his characters have the same basic style: Not enough detail in some places, too much detail in others.

His eyes look like a four-year old's on the females in his comic, regardless of age.

In short, unless Gallagher has some kind of cognitive mental disorder, there is no reason for his wispy, irregular pencil strokes, inability to ink his comic, inability to draw three-dimensional mouths, and inability to stop imitating anime artists in every way possible, excepting their best qualities.

Notice that the linked drawing does not have snoutface. Gallagher, as most of your work lacks that facial detailing, and should not.

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