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If a coworker has shut her office door, stay out––even if she doesn't look busy.

Says Renee from New Orleans: "I kept a big bowl of candy on my office desk. '" When you really need a sugar fix and the candy dish is with a colleague who's holed up in her office, head to the vending machine instead. Any joke made at your coworker's expense—or worse, a customer's—probably isn't all that funny.

I should know – I receive badly written emails every day! Always check you've got the right name in the 'To' box. If you make mistakes in your email, people will think you also make mistakes in your work. Ask a colleague to read and check it before you hit 'Send'.

Rule #5: Take a breath before you hit "Send." The easiest way to confront a coworker is often via email—you get to have your say without any ugly face-to-face drama.This sounds obvious, but don't forget to attach them! After I went through 9 units, I found that I have acquired a lot of knowledge and more confident on writing email. Hello, Pls tell me, How to ask in a polite manner for the right set of information from a client of a company if they have not provided the required set of information/ have sent wrong details.A word of advice – attach the file you want to send before you start writing. Regards, Ashwini Hello Ashwini, I'm afraid we can't write the letter for you, but I can give you some advice."The email was long, angry and childish," she says."And he sent it to the entire company." Ralph didn't lose his job, but his account was modified so that he could no longer send company-wide emails.

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"The funny thing is, it was clear from her rant that she hadn't even read the book, in which the forces of good win in the end." Rule #7: Consider your coworkers when you pack your lunch.

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