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"We were able to confirm the old wives' tale that eating bananas, and so having a high potassium intake, was associated with having a boy," said Fiona Matthews, who led the study of 740 first-time mothers published in the strangely-named journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.But, she added, the source of extra calories was less important than the total amount consumed. In the study, 56 per cent of women with a high-calorie intake had boys compared with 45 per cent with a low calorie intake.While the technology now exists to give parents their heart's desire, use of it is tightly regulated in the UK.There is revulsion at the idea of tampering with the balance of nature, allied to the disturbing prospect that we could end up with a disproportionate number of boys.Like most theories since, it remains unsupported by the evidence.

The challenge for those bent on controlling this process has been how to influence the production of X and Y sperm and ensure only one sort fertilises the egg.

Even with this sophisticated technology, then, there is still a sizeable margin of error, and a risk of having the "wrong" sex of baby. Once fertilisation of the egg with the sperm has taken place in the laboratory, doctors can distinguish male and female embryos and replace only ones of the required sex in the womb.

Assuming the procedure results in the birth of a live baby, this is the only technique with a 100 per cent guarantee of success.

Can your diet really determine the sex of your child?

Scientists this week declared that first-time mothers who consume more calories around the time of conception are more likely to give birth to boys. The yellow fruit with the phallic shape – appropriate in this context – is the best dietary aid for intending mothers wanting a boy, according to research published yesterday.

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While couples experimented with altering the timing, and position, for sex, in the hope that it might influence the outcome, the science slowly advanced.

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  1. For example, more attractive people might be more willing to share more photos of themselves in the first place.) This research reminded me of some Plenty of Fish data that I wrote about last year.