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Almost from the outset, however, the government and local residents began efforts to rescind the executive order reservation.

They ultimately succeeded in 1905, and in 1907 the Lemhi began what many have called the "Lemhi Trail of Tears," which saw their forced removal from their ancestral homelands to the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.

The Anunnaki came to earth for the purpose of colonization and mining.

Banished from our homelands in 1907 and seeking to return ever since, the Lemhi-Shoshone people create a dilemma for the nation.

Chief Camehwait was promised guns to fend off other tribes who had acquired guns from the east. Grant established the 100 square mile "Fort Lemhi Valley Indian Reservation" for the Lemhi-Shoshone people.

In 1907 the Lemhi-Shoshone were removed by force to the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, 200 miles south and home to the much larger Snake River and Bannock Tribes.

"Sacajawea's People: Who Are The Lemhi And Where Is Their Home? Svingen History Department, Washington State University On February 12, 1875, President Grant established a 100 square mile executive order reservation for Sacagawea / Sacajawea's People the Lemhi-Shoshone in the Lemhi Valley.

Known as the Lemhi Valley Indian Reservation, the executive order established the reserve for "the exclusive use of the mixed tribes of Shoshone, Bannock, and Sheapeater Indians.

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