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In the pilot schemes, the threat assessment on just over a third of men arrested for downloading child porn from the internet was increased after they underwent polygraph tests during which they made “significant new disclosures” about the extent of their offending.

Nervous but honest interviewees can be wrongly labelled as liars, while inveterate liars using countermeasures such as deliberate conscious control over heartbeat can emerge from a polygraph interrogation unscathed.Widespread use of polygraph tests should be adopted to better protect children and other victims from sex abusers, a leading forensic psychiatrist claims.The UK’s failure to use polygraph, or so-called lie-detector tests, is “misguided and irrational” and putting children at risk, he claims.Instead it records activity in the “autonomic” nervous system of those undergoing the tests.That nervous system – said to be largely outside our conscious control – reveals a stress reaction which can be measured by skilled examiners.

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