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I have two almost-jobs, and I'm eager to pass my neuroses onto a lucky lady.

Even though Tinder was ostensibly modeled to be the heterosexual version of the gay matchmaking app, Grindr, there's just no matching men's capacity for horniness.Online dating has painted a new technical landscape for love.Sign up and find singles in Tacoma that you might want to meet. If it turns out that you both like the way the other looks, Tinder lets you know, and then it's up to you to make the next move.I've never used the app, myself, but I spoke to an anonymous source in a parking garage, who told me all about it."I've been absent-mindedly using it since November," says Deep Throat. This just seems like a different way of meeting people. Places like OKCupid seem a little more serious, like they require a little more of an attention span. On Tinder, I've about fifty-six matches, and maybe thirty conversations, of varying lengths.

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