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As has often been the case in Lunar literature, the setting of the Moon base is a chance for a compare-n-contrast of an idealized Lunar culture with the slovenly mess of Earth’s cultures. It might be sweeping pathways and collecting litter. Only by working and living together will they be able to survive on the Moon.

It might be tending plants in the gardens and parks. The pacing is tight, keeping things moving from challenge to challenge as Jamey grows in his individual identity.

A handful of spelling and editing errors noted throughout.

Currently available in the Teen Adventure section of your local bookstore. Jamey Barlowe is your average kid-in-a-wheelchair, the result of a happenstance birth on the Moon.

Review: Apollo’s Outcasts “Apollo’s Outcasts” by Allen Steele.

Published in 2012 by Pyr/Prometheus it weighs in at 311 pages all-in.

Based in the capital, Yerevan, you will spend 8 days discovering the diverse history of this fascinating country.

Armenia is one of our most popular tours for culture and history. YEREVAN CITY TOUR: Yerevan: Yerevan once sat at the crossroads of several important trade caravans thus solidifying its importance in the region.

To prove himself, Jamey strives to be one of the Lunar Search & Rescue team, or Rangers as they call themselves.

Opportunities abound to explain various aspects of life in space and on the Moon, and the author’s been doing this long enough to get most all the details right.

The near future setting makes the technology recognizable, and the political situation is not too far removed from where we are now.

On April 26 2000, the most complete female Australopithecus robustus skull (nicknamed Eurydice) along with a complete male jaw (nicknamed Orpheus) made world headlines.

The site has already unearthed 79 hominid fossils, a wealth of faunal remains and some remarkably well-preserved juvenile hominids.

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As the site is being excavated year round, visitors to Drimolen are afforded the unique opportunity to be among the first individuals to see fossils dating back to 2 million years coming to light!

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