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It is one of the fundamentals of the warehousing business.A type of label used to identify objects such as cases or pallets.The most common EDI transactions at SCC are between our customers and SCC for documents such as orders, receipts, and shipping confirmation.

The bar code represents an identification number that is stored in the computer system along with other information about the product.A company or individual who is entrusted with the property of another and has responsibility for its care.SCC is a Bailee in that it is responsible under contract to the owner of inventory for the care of that inventory.Chep certifies the construction standards of its pallets and they are reserved for the exclusive use of the products of customers who have a contract with Chep.A lift truck attachment comprised of two parallel pads that press or grasp product so that it can be lifted, transported, and stacked.

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Once used almost exclusively for ocean shipments, they are now used almost everywhere.

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