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You just ask yourself: Did this person say, with their body language or their words, that they want to have sex with me?

And if you have any doubt whatsoever, DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT PERSON.

This is what I admire about my people, about our language.

She would have a new home, even if she couldn’t afford to move.

We have a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.

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The person’s belly swells so that even a man can begin to look as though he is pregnant.

The disease was named Chagas, after the doctor in Brazil who identified it in 1909, but people being people and needing a name that is more accurate, refer to it as the kiss of the death.

He said all of this in English and my auntie probably nodded.

The United States had funded wars in Central America, driving people north and into our neighborhood in Jersey.

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