Australia coast dating gold speed

Mid 2005 he was caught out trying to run a business from jail, disguising this as helping his kids with their homework.

This led to some of his privileges being withdrawn and a promotion to toilet cleaner.

They married in Denmark in a ceremony that cost the Danish state something like million and all the cars used for the wedding were Volvos, making this probably the world's biggest concentration of (bloody) Volvo drivers as well.

These figures have forced the Federal Government to defend its action on climate change and global warming.

Tassie sheila Mary Donaldson went for a drink at the Slip Inn bar in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics and met a Danish prince.

They hit it off that well that a couple of years later they tied the knot in Denmark where she became Australia's first woman to become a princess, and probably queen as well in a few years time.

HIH became Australia's biggest ever corporate collapse when it failed in March 2001 with liabilities of .3 billion.

Many people lost their life savings, and with most doctors and others in the medical business being insured here the collapse also lead to a health care crisis, as suddenly they found themselves working without insurance cover.

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In January 2007 a 35 year old Townsville woman was found slumped behind the wheel of her car.

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