Advantages consolidating databases

Because of their criticality to the business, these databases “will likely remain on premise for many years to come” Mendelsohn says.That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of databases that could benefit from cloud computing’s efficiencies." Customers today are primarily running mission-critical database systems on dedicated servers and storage in their data centers,” says Andy Mendelsohn, Oracle Executive VP for Database Server Technologies.These vital databases often support an organization’s crown jewels, such as a bank’s customer accounts system or a discount store’s merchandising system.The problem with that scenario, however, is that you still have 9,000 databases to manage.The solution: “What if I could consolidate those 9,000 databases down to 40 databases? That’s where Oracle’s new database architecture comes in.

Business Agility Customers want the cost savings—both Cap Ex and Op Ex—represented by DBaa S, and they’re realizing they can get them using cloud database capabilities in a private cloud architecture.Virtual machine (VM) technology allows a single physical server to run many virtual servers or VMs, which enables server consolidation.That means you can take say “9,000 databases running today on 9,000 servers, and consolidate them onto 500 servers,” Mendelsohn says.Even as that momentum builds, it’s important to understand that the corporate data center is not going away any time soon.Many businesses will take a phased approach, in which certain types of databases are moved to the cloud while others remain on premise.

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